Elliott Wave Commodity Futures

Elliott Wave Commodity Futures

Elliott Wave: Gold, Crude Oil, Copper, Iron Ore, Corn, Wheat, Soybeans...

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Commodity Futures Mining Stocks - Elliott Wave Analysis Video, 2 Aug 2017
Commodity Futures Iron Ore and Copper, plus global mining stocks
LSE: Glencore (GLEN);
ASX: BHP Billiton Limited (BHP), Rio Tinto Limited (RIO) South32 Ltd (S32);
NYSE: Barrick Gold Corp (ABX).
Technical Analysis: Elliott Wave and Trading Levels, Iron Ore, Copper, Gold, GLEN, BHP, RIO, S32, ABX, Commodity Futures,ng Levels.
Today we take a look at the current trends in the mining resource sector and also the longer term Elliott Wave structures, these are viewed and traded as CFDs over stocks.


    ElliottWave618I haven’t been sure with Iron Ore the commodity of how far it will go, my target area is 600 and the current price is 586, it could have the potential to move a lot further to the 800, but I just don’t know, so I was just going to work out the wave structure as it moves along. One of my guide sticks is S32 as I understand its wave count and that should move to around 3.30 currently at 2.90, so at least I know the trend is not over just yet for resources

    Copper next target is 6,500, I expect a correction across this level then moving higher to 6800, so I thinks it’s still ok to move into copper stocks.

    I think small positions in Iron Ore, Copper and then Gold stocks, but look at the charts for the Gold market as it does require a retracement, but the ABX on the NYSE are starting to move in what is probably the beginning of a trend up


      ElliottWave618Commodity Futures: Iron Ore Elliott Wave Daily Chart. The small move up of the current lows is an impulse wave, so we can expect a move the the 61.8% level


        ElliottWave618Commodity Futures; US Copper Elliott Wave and Trading levels analysis. 6500 is the next level of resistance. we should see the market move above this level, but only to fold back into it. the 6500 is a Medium-level 50% between 5000 and 8000. the main point here is counting the five waves within the Wave 5 impulse wave and hold long in copper stocks.


          TradingLoungeUS Spot Gold Daily Chart Elliott Wave. Alternative wave count. There will be support at 1200, but if the 1200 (trading levels; Minor Group1 pivot) becomes the resistance then we can expect the market close to 1100 the next level


            TradingLoungeSoybeans Elliott Wave count: TradeCheck from TradingLounge.com
            The wave count can have a possible low around the 900 (MediumLevel)
            However in terms of trading it long, I personally would wait for the market to do either one of two things.
            1. Move below 900 and then develop support on 900 for the first small positions, adding on 910, 920, 930 and 950.
            2. IF the market doesn’t trade down into 900 and below, but develops support on 920 then get a small position, but this position would still be at risk, it’s only when 930 as tested support would the long trade be safe.


              Administrator AccountElliott Wave Crude Oil WTI Daily Chart


                TradingLoungeIron Ore Elliott Wave Daily Chart. The move up that touches the trend line and reacts is in three waves, so its corrective, so expect new lows.


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