Elliott Wave Indices

Elliott Wave Indices

Elliott Wave Indices; S&P500 SPX DJI FSTE100 DAX CAC40 ASX200...

ElliottWave618NASDAQ NDX Index 1hr Elliott wave chart


    ElliottWave618ASX 200 XJO Elliott Wave Intraday chart 100 ticks. (a)(b)(c)of Wave ii)


      ElliottWave618UK100 Elliott Wave count 4 hr chart. Wave (iii) of v) of 5. currently holding long from the 7500 support


        ElliottWave618SP500 SPX Elliott Wave 2 Nov 2017
        Wave (v) of v) of 5 of (3) Intermediate Wave (3) can be in place.


          ElliottWave618FSTE 100 UKX Daily Chart Elliott Wave


            TradingLoungeSPX Elliott Wave
            The green lines are the basic short trade triggers.
            We are now working this micro degree of structure and will be looking to short certain rallies.


              TradingLoungeS&P500 CFD Short Trade
              Two days ago, in the SPX Elliott Wave blog video (tradinglounge.com blog), our TradingLounge members and non-members in this case, that there was going to be a turn down in the SP500 (SPX) and we could demonstrate using Elliott Wave and Trading Levels concept how we could look to short the SP500 /SPX
              Trading the SPX market index’s, we use CFDs (Contracts for Difference) The CFD is a great product for trading long or short and the Indices have high leverage component.
              The Elliott Wave theory and the TradingLevels concept were very helpful in seeing a variety of different trade set-ups. (I suggest watching the previous Video below)
              The smallest CFD contract you can get is a Mini Contract, even the small possible contract e.g. 1 Mini Contact on this current short trade would have netted you around $2000

              SP500 Daily Chart (Chart 1)
              Elliott Wave Count and Analysis
              Intermediate Wave (3) was called in two days ago and Wave (4) the 38.2% retracement level is at 2300.


                ElliottWave618ASX 200 XJO CFD Elliott Wave Triangle pattern. Should be able to confirm this on a corrective abc retracement to Wave (ii) later in the day.


                  ElliottWave618SPX / S&P500 Elliott Wave Count 1 Hr Chart with Trading Levels.
                  Basic Elliott Wave Impulse Wave With Wave (4) in place. Still holding long from the 2430 (sub-group1 SG1 level)


                    ElliottWave618ASX 200 XJO CFD Elliott Wave count. This is a possible end of the Elliott wave Triangle pattern with the next impulse wave (five waves lower. That said we need to be patient and observe the set up pattern to short as Wave ii), this needs to be in place to make the next trade.


                      ElliottWave618SPX (S&P500) Minute Elliott Wave iv) completed and the first impulse upwards as Wave (i) sets the structure for further upside. The Trade Set-up would be a tested support on 2430 (tradinglevels subgroup1)


                        ElliottWave618DJI Elliott Wave 4 hr chart. looks like a larger impulse wave to 22,000 (Minor Level 2 of Group1) and maybe higher


                          TradingLoungeNetherlands Market Index AEX Daily Chart Elliott Wave Technical Analysis; Minute Wave c) of Minor Wave 4 retracing to the 38.2% around the 500 / trading levels Major Level 5.


                            TradingLoungeUk100 Elliott Wave 1 hour chart Uncompleted move lower that can be counted as corrective or impulsive


                              TradingLoungeGermany Mid-cap 50 Elliott Wave 1 hr chart CFD Trading. Elliott Wave Analysis; Intermediate Wave (3) completed and Wave (4) underway. The a) b) c) can also be labelled as an impulse wave, but that doesn't change the smaller degree's of wave structures, which can see the market trading towards the 24,300 support.


                                TradingLoungeChina A50 Index Price chart. Contract for Difference IG Markets - CFD Trading. Elliott Wave Analysis.
                                Intermediate Wave (3) in progress. It should also be noted that the alternative count can have Wave (3) as Wave (c).


                                  TradingLoungeRussell 2000 RUT longer term Elliott Wave Count


                                    TradingLoungeDAX Elliott Wave 4hr Chart. Minor Wave 4 Elliott Wave Triangle pattern is completed and now the next impulse wave (5 waves) up and above the Major TradingLevel 13 (13,000) https://tradinglounge.com/Trading-Levels


                                      TradingLoungeSP500 The 'Super Cycle' Elliott Wave structure started around 1780 when the French revolution started after 60 odd years of corrective pattern. So this is a very large impulse wave (5 waves) that will end into 2018.


                                        TradingLoungeGermany Mid-cap Elliott Wave 1 hr chart


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