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Elliott Wave Australia ASX

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ElliottWave618ASX: BHP Daily Elliott Wave Chart 18 May 2018


    ElliottWave618BHP Daily Chart 17 April 2018

    Elliott Wave and Trading Levels chart
    This is a corrective pattern across TL3|30.00 a Major Trading tradinglevel.
    Even though we have a long position in this market we can look to add another position IF the market develops a nice support on TL3.
    We can expect the market to have a smaller correction now at TL3, but will be patient and wait to see if support develops.


      ElliottWave618RIO Long term Elliott wave count as an abc correction 2018


        ElliottWave618South 32 (S32) Daily Elliott Wave count 2nov 2017


          TradingLoungeFLT Flight Centre Elliott Wave daily chart 22 Sept 2017


            ElliottWave618Santos STO Elliott Wave Daily Chart
            We are currently long in STO and have taken some profit close to 4.00 where Wave 4) correction is likely to occur


              TradingLoungeWOW Woolworth Elliott Wave Weekly Chart 15 Sept 2017


                TradingLoungeRIO Elliott Wave Weekly Chart 15 Sept 2017
                Possible top in place? The Wave (5) is a little short, but the internal count completes as
                five waves...


                  TradingLoungeSouth32 (S32) Elliott Wave Weekly Chart 15 Sept 2017
                  Looks like a top is now in place... needs confirmation of an impulse wave lower.


                    ElliottWave618Resolute Mining Limited
                    ASX: RSG - 4 Sep
                    Elliott Wave and Trading Levels Analysis
                    An Elliott Wave Corrective (A) (B) (C) pattern. Technically speaking we should see a new high above Wave (5).
                    TradingLounge is currently long coming off the current lows, the CFD Trading Strategy is to gather evidence of the move higher and the next step is to see if the market develops support on 1.30 which in Trading levels terms is the top of Minor Group1 (MG1) We can expect a correction from around this price level, but eventually if support is found then that will confirm a move to the next level, the Medium Level 1.50 (ML|1.5)


                      ElliottWave618ASX: NCM Newcrest Mining Limited Gold Stock 1 hr chart. The starting of a trend... An impulse wave is starting upwards trend, in line with US Spot Gold charts


                        ElliottWave618S32 Elliott Wave Australia. daily chart.
                        The lines on the chart are part of the Trading Levels concept from TradingLounge.com The 2.50 is the Medium Level and the 3.00 is a Major Level and Minor Level Group1 is 3.10|3.20|3.30 then the Mid-point at 3.50
                        Elliott Wave analysis: Minute Wave iii) is now under way and this is in line with most commodity Futures resource markets such as Iron Ore, Copper etc.


                          TradingLoungeASX 200 XJO Elliott Wave 18 July 2017
                          Elliott Wave Triangle completed, with the AUDUSD moving sharply to the upside in an impulse wave, the XJO is the mirror opposite


                            ElliottWave618ASX South 32 S32 Elliott Wave analysis


                              ElliottWave618ASX 200 CFD Elliott wave Triangle pattern ending, even though the market has moved through the 61.8% so have all the other waves within the structure, so I will stay with this count. The count would only changed is the 5800 became a tested support.


                                TradingLoungeASX 200 XJO 15 minute chart. Later stages of the Elliott Wave Triangle pattern Wave (c) of e) of B. We will be looking for a short trade set up after the completion of this structure. That said you should be long above the 5730 with the target at 5772. We would only turn bullish in the bigger picture if the 5800 became the tested support.


                                  TradingLoungeFMG Elliott Wave; Time to buy FMG for the corrective rally.


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