Trading Brokers

Who is the Perfect Trading Broker?

The safety of your funds is the first priority, so find a broker that does not trade themselves, this is because all the brokerage houses that have failed have failed because they have traded themselves and taken their clients, your money with them. You want a broker to only execute your trades and that is how they make their money from trade commissions. Then you need to make sure your funds are held in a segregated account, kept safe.

Other aspects are, does the broker give your interested on the money in the account that is not traded. What are the trading costs in relationship to the services they offer and is their trading platform suited to your type of trading, as your trading strategy should dictate the functionality of the platform you require. Many companies these days have the web base and mobile phone trading, but I find the functionality very limited, many brokers / providers have third party platforms, but most new traders don’t look at these because of the cost, but normally if you do a few trades the platform becomes free.